Welcome to specializes in automating the proposal production process while enhancing the consultative sales process. This solution is ideal for sales professionals that want to spend more time selling and closing deals and less time authoring documents. If you are tired of searching through old documents for the best content, tired of cutting and pasting, and tired of struggling with formatting problems, then our Internet-based system, Sales Document Builder, is the perfect solution for you.

three workers at computerSales Document Builder (SDB) is an Internet-based service that automates the entire proposal and other document production process. It provides comprehensive sales proposal process management reports. The system uses a company’s unique sales proposal models that are accessed via a secure, branded web site. Sales professionals only need to input buyer-specific information to generate perfect proposals. With SDB, a company’s sales professionals will produce proposals in minutes not hours.

Besides generating documents more efficiently, an organization can guarantee the quality and consistency of its message as it is presented to the marketplace. Reports provide immediate insight into the organization's proposal process cycle and are designed to effectively monitor and manage all proposal activities to improve win ratios.


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