CRM Interface can develop interfaces to seamlessly pass customer demographic and other important customer information, which we label process connections information, to Sales Document Builder. For example, a CRM system can be the repository for key performance indicator information that a sales professional gathers during the sales process.

The interface is easy to use. When the sales process reaches the point that the customer is ready to receive a sales proposal, the sales professional can simply click the “Generate Proposal” link on a CRM screen. The interface can automatically:

  • Build a Customer and Contact record in Sales Document Builder.
  • Populate Sales Document Builder input screens in the selected sales proposal model that have been linked to fields in a CRM system.

The sales professional then completes additional customer information screens and/or makes optional content selections and generates the custom proposal. See Sales Document Builder for more information.

Interface Benefits

A CRM / Sales Document Builder interface provides several benefits:

  • Eliminates redundant entry of buyer-specific information
  • Reduces the time needed to generate custom sales proposals
  • Integrates with a consultative sales process and the generation of buyer-focused, custom sales proposals.


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