Sales Professional’s Guide to Writing Winning Proposals

... by Bob Kantin

Sales Professional's Guide to Writing Winning Proposals book coverThis book details a framework to create sales proposals that shift the paradigm from typical sales person to sales professional. The days of filling out simple, one-page pricing sheets are long gone—they are being replaced by a sales proposal development process. This new process should become part of a success formula that includes analyzing a prospect’s current situation, prescribing a solution, and assisting the buyer in making an informed decision. The concept of a sales proposal development process is supported by the fact that a buyer-focused sales proposal is the single biggest user of information gathered throughout the sales process.

This book also presents the concept that developing a winning sales proposal is a process not a single-event, writing project. It shows that sales organizations and sales professionals will continue to experience mediocre results if they view proposal development as simply a cutting and pasting exercise using past proposals. And, as also affirmed in Bob Kantin’s book, Why Johnny Can’t Sell …and What to Do About It, sales organizations needs to take responsibility for developing and maintaining proposal models for their sales forces.



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