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Sales Document Builder (SDB) is a Internet-based application in a secure data center. Sales professionals simply connect to SDB via the Internet using a unique username and password. To generate a proposal, a sales professional:

  • Selects an existing customer or enters a new prospect.
  • Selects the appropriate sales proposal or sales document model which has been tailored specifically to the company's business and consultative sales process.
  • Answers a series of questions and/or selects various pieces of approved content.
  • Clicks a generate button and SDB generates a custom proposal (Microsoft Word document) in accordance with all of the company's style guidelines.
  • Prints the proposal or sales process docuement, which is ready for packaging and distribution.

What makes Sales Document Builder (SDB) unique:

  • SDB is not a software product, it is an Internet-based application—no software to install and maintain, no expensive servers to purchase.
  • SDB automates the entire sales proposal process, not just proposal production; SDB provides comprehensive process metrics and up to ten reporting levels.
  • Sales professionals will find SDB very intuitive and easy to use. SDB Authors, the people who actually load sales proposals models into the system, will be able to learn the system within hours—no programming to learn or classes that take days to complete.
  • Rapid deployment - an implementation of 2 to 4 weeks is the rule, not the exception.
  • No annual maintenance contracts.
  • No in-house IT resources required to maintain system.
  • Introductory training on how to use the system is available at no charge.

An Internet-based application is available on a subscription basis rather than on license basis. A company doesn't have to load and maintain the system on one of its servers and on its users' computers (workstations and laptops). Users simply sign on to a secure Internet site with their unique user names and passwords to access the application.


SDB Authors find it is more work to write the proposal (document) model than to load it into SDB. First, someone has to design and develop the proposal (document) model that will be loaded into SDB—at this point the model is a Microsoft Word document. After the model is edited and approved, an SDB Author loads the model into SDB and creates custom question (input) screens for those parts of the proposal (document) that vary from one customer to the next. Developing custom input screens is very easy—these are the questions (and optional help text) that the sales professionals will use to input customer-specific information.


SDB is an ideal solution whether you sell direct or through VARS. Since VARS often represent multiple products, it is important that they always present your company's products and services in the most professional and accurate way. With SDB you can guarantee the quality and the consistency of your message as it is presented to the marketplace.


SDB is available on a per user basis and discounted based on the number of users. A company only pays for those sales professionals, sales managers and others authorized to use SDB. Contact us for pricing.



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