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Sales Document Builder (SDB) is an Internet-based application that automates the entire proposal production process. It uses an organization's custom sales proposal (or document) models that end-users access via a secure, branded website.

Creating a new proposal has never been easier. . . or faster! Sales professionals:

  • Select an appropriate proposal model for one of their company's products or services.
  • Answer questions, to provide the buyer-specific information needed to turn a proposal model into a custom proposal.

Sales professionals can partially complete questions and keep the proposal in an "in progress" status until all questions have been answered.

Entering accurate and unique customer information represents the most important responsibility a sales professional has for creating winning, buyer-focused sales proposals.Every customer is different because it has different operations, critical business issues, needs, objectives, etc. Further, the application of a company's' unique products or services is different from one customer to the next.

SDB provides different types of custom input (questions) screens including:

  • Selection (include or exclude content)
  • Field (fill-in-the-blank, drop-down list, date, currency, and auto-complete)
  • Sub Document (insert content from the "Corporate Content Database")
  • Graphics (upload)
  • Paragraph text
  • Bullet text (complete a series of bullet items)

SDB's Dependency Question feature controls which Field or Sub Document questions are displayed conditional upon choices made in a preceding Selection Question.

NOTE: Custom Help Text can be available for each question.

Once all the questions are completed, inputs and selections made, the sales professional simply clicks the generate proposal button which directs SDB to generate the proposal as a Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, or 2010 Document or as a PDF.

Sales Management

  • SDB provides operational and management reports on proposal activity by individual sales professionals and multiple organizational levels, e.g.,branch, region, devision, etc. The system automatically monitors: proposals written, dollar value, status of each proposal, and Proposal Close Ratio.
  • Private labeling is standard to include your company's logo. Sales professionals and your VAR channel can access this unique, secure proposal production site from any location via the Internet.

No Programming Required

A Designated Sales Document Builder (SDB) Author doesn't have to learn a complicated programming language to create automated proposal or document models. An SDB Author with "Intermediate" Microsoft Word skills can gain SDB Authoring proficiency in five to six (5 to 6) hours.

An SDB Author:

  • Creates a Microsoft Word model and develops its accompanying questions
  • Loads the model and authors the questions
  • Tests the model and moves it into production. . . ready for use by endusers.


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