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Companies of all sizes can benefit from automating their proposal development and production process using Sales Document Builder (SDB). If your company’s sales professionals routinely write pro-active sales proposals whether they are simple letter agreements or 20+ page documents, SDB will save time and money. If your sales force is geographically dispersed or if your company works with a channel partners, SDB can provide extraordinary benefits.

Bob Concevitch"Most selling organizations approach the proposal process in a very backward fashion. Bob Kantin’s approach not only made sense, but it had a dramatic impact on the sales revenue and profitability of every organization that used his process and structure.

Bob Kantin’s methodology behind his proposal process mirrored our very consultative, solutions-based selling process. We had just invested a large amount of money to research and map our sales process. Yet, we were still approaching the proposal process in what I now view as a very backwards approach.

Our organization was not unlike many top organizations in today’s marketplace. We were highly focused on our sales process and our continual efforts to refine and re-engineer it. But we were missing a vital component which would complete the process—a comprehensive, consultative-based proposal document and a process to customize it for each and every sales opportunity. The sales proposal and its effectiveness were always an afterthought."

... Bill Byron Concevitch

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